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LED Replacement

Smart switch specializes in LED Retrofit projects for small commercial businesses in much of Texas. We are working together with some major utility providers who are promoting a program dubbed "Take a Load Off Texas"  These companies, such as Oncor and TNMP, are offering amazing incentives to the customer if they will choose to upgrade from existing lighting to Cutting edge LED technology. Amazingly, These incentives can pay up to 90% of the total project cost! To see if your business is eligible, please call us immediately and we will gladly check your eligibility and schedule a free onsite estimate.



Replacing 40 watt T-12's with LED 18 watt will eliminate most maintaince costs and lower your electrical bill considerably.

We use only the highest quality Energy Star or Design Light Consortium (DLC) lamps for all retrofit projects. 

We also offer a number of LED lamps and bulbs to replace conventional incandescent lighting.

4 ft. LED Tube Lights
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